Christian Unity

That all Christians may be faithful to the Lord's teaching by striving with prayer and fraternal charity to restore ecclesial communion and by collaborating to meet the challenges facing humanity.

In his first prayer video of 2017, Pope Francis spoke on his January intention of Christians working together. “In Today’s world, many Christians from various churches work together to serve humanity in need, to defend human life and its dignity, to defend creation, and to combat injustice.” He talked about how this unity is a source of joy and something that all Christians should work towards. “Join your voice to mine in praying for all who contribute through prayer and fraternal charity to restoring full ecclesial communion in service of the challenges facing humanity.”

Welcome The Needy
Support for Persecuted Christians

Young People
Christians in Africa

Eliminate Arms Trade
Lapsed Christians


Workers and the Unemployed
Christians in Asia

The Elderly

Campion Renewal Center
Campion Renewal Center, situated 20 miles west of Boston, is located in a peaceful setting that provides plenty of walking trails through the woods and fields.