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News Story

Dec. 24, 2020 – Christmas blessings from the USA East Jesuits to you and your loved ones!

We hope that as the year winds down, you and your family can find renewed hope in celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Fr. Jason Downer, SJ, a pastoral minister at San Antonio Parish in Saipan has shared with us a video Christmas reflection. We invite you to view it below.


Christmas Prayers

Additionally we have gathered some Christmas prayers that we have shared in past for your convenience during your Christmas gatherings.

Christmas Peace

Welcome, O Child of Bethlehem!
Fill our hearts with your Father’s peace.
May you help make us ministers of that peace,
enabling us to be God’s people of good will.
May your Spirit prevail in our homes
and hearts every night and every day.
May the song of the angels be sung
and heard with joy in every season of the new year:
Peace on earth to all God’s people.

Christmas Wishes

Healing God,
remove the hopelessness that blinds us;
cleanse us of the hurts
that divide us from others;
restore us to hope,
that we may work for the gifts
we wish for those we love.
May the grace of your Christ
who comes to shepherd us
help us to care for one another;
may the good news we hear
in our struggles bring joy and
hope to all our mornings;
may your coming to us as
one of us inspire us to lift up
one another to the dignity of being
your daughters and sons.