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News Story

Dear Friends,

Spring is in the air, and how blessed we are to find ourselves in a much better place compared to last spring. The COVID pandemic wreaked havoc on all our lives, putting so many at risk, especially our elderly and vulnerable populations. Our Jesuit health centers went above and beyond to keep our senior and infirm Jesuits safe through these challenging months, and I am happy to report that all our older Jesuits have been fully vaccinated. These four Jesuit communities and health centers (Campion outside Boston, Colombiére in Baltimore, Manresa in Philadelphia, and Murray Weigel in New York), provide so much more than health care for our senior Jesuits. They are a place of community where these men of God, who served others for many decades, can now continue to serve the Church and the Society of Jesus, together with their brother Jesuits, through prayer, spiritual direction and pastoral work.

Probably right around the time you are receiving this letter, we are sharing a video celebration for the May 20th launch of the “Ignatian Year” to recognize our senior Jesuits and help raise needed funds for the many ministries of the USA East Province. It is a moving tribute to what these men have accomplished as Jesuit priests and brothers, how they continue to serve God and remain active, and how they thrive into their 80’s and 90’s thanks in part to these health centers. I urge you to visit for links to the video, and I am grateful for your gifts and continued support of our mission.

Sincerely in Christ,