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News Story

Sept. 4, 2020 – Despite the ongoing uncertainties and challenges of 2020, there continues to be reasons for celebration. This year marks the 50th anniversary of four USA East Jesuits who entered the Society of Jesus in 1970: Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ; Fr. James Keenan, SJ; Fr. Thomas McMurray, SJ; and Fr. William Rickle, SJ. The late Fr. G. Simon Harak, SJ, would have celebrated this year as well but passed away on Nov. 3, 2019. We congratulate these Jesuits who have served the Church and the people of God for half a century. AMDG!

We also offer prayers of gratitude to other Jesuits from the USA East Province who celebrate a Jubilee Year in 2020:

25 Years in the Priesthood
Rev. Adelmo P. Dunghe, SJ
Rev. George W. Drance, SJ (UMI)
Rev. Mark C. Hallinan, SJ
Rev. Robert V. O’Hare, SJ
Rev. James J. Fleming, SJ
Rev. Cristian del Campo, SJ (CHL)
Rev. Hernan Paredes, SJ

25 Years in the Society
Rev. John C. Bentz, SJ (UWE)
Rev. John D. Cunningham, SJ (UCS)
Rev. Raymond Donaldson, SJ
Rev. Andrew N. Downing, SJ
Rev. Charles A. Frederico, SJ
Rev. Thomas J. Frink, SJ

50 Years in the Priesthood
Rev. Gerhard Bowering, SJ (GER)
Rev. Brian E. Daley, SJ
Rev. Gerald P. Fogarty, SJ
Rev. Joseph J. Hayden, SJ
Rev. Joseph J. Papaj, SJ
Rev. Ernest F. Passero, SJ
Rev. John P. Reboli, SJ
Rev. J. Peter Schineller, SJ
Rev. Paul A. Schweitzer, SJ
Rev. Michael J. Sheeran, SJ (UCS)
Rev. Donald M. Ward, SJ

60 Years in the Priesthood
Rev. William J. Bosch, SJ
Rev. Robert H. Cousineau, SJ (Deceased)
Rev. Alfred L. Fiorino, SJ
Rev. James N. Gelson, SJ
Rev. Frank R. Haig, SJ
Rev. Donald J. Moore, SJ  (Deceased)
Rev. Daniel J. Mulhauser, SJ
Rev. James A. O’Brien, SJ
Rev. Walter R. Pelletier, SJ

60 Years in the Society
Rev. Paul F. Cawthorne, SJ
Rev. Harvey D. Egan, SJ
Rev. William L. George, SJ
Rev. Lloyd D. George, SJ
Rev. John T. Kelly, SJ (Deceased)
Rev. Paul C. Kenney, SJ
Rev. Philip S. Kiley, SJ
Rev. Donald J. Kirby, SJ
Rev. Patrick J. Lynch, SJ
Rev. Donald A. MacMillan, SJ
Rev. Paul J. McCarren, SJ
Rev. Eugene A. Nolan, SJ
Rev. Stanley J. O’Konsky, SJ
Rev. John J. Paris, SJ
Rev. John P. Reboli, SJ
Rev. Michael E. Sehler, SJ
Rev. Richard J. Stanley, SJ
Rev. Charles D. Sullivan, SJ
Rev. James F. Walsh, SJ

70 Years in the Society
Rev. Eugene J. Barber, SJ
Rev. William A. Barry, SJ
Rev. Joseph E. Billotti, SJ
Rev. William J. Byron, SJ
Rev. Robert J. Daly, SJ
Rev. G. Richard Dimler, SJ. (Deceased)
Rev. John J. Mawhinney, SJ
Rev. Donald J. Moore, SJ (Deceased)
Rev. Ugo R. Nacciarone, SJ
Rev. Thomas V. O’Connor, SJ (Deceased)
Rev. James F. Salmon, SJ
Rev. Daniel J. Sullivan, SJ (Deceased)

75 Years in the Society
Rev. Dominic W. Maruca, SJ
Rev. Robert A. McGuire, SJ
Rev. Francis X. Moan, SJ (Deceased)

80 Years in the Society
Rev. James W. Skehan, SJ