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Magis is a Latin adverb meaning “more; greater.” Jesuits often use this term to describe a call to do more for others and in so, do more for Christ.

MAGIS is also the name of a gathering organized by the Society of Jesus in which young adults (18-35 years old) from the Ignatian Family come together from all over the world in the days leading up to a World Youth Day. The week of events are full of experiences to help celebrate faith and service in a space of sharing and prayer.

MAGIS 2023 was an opportunity for Ignatian youth from different countries to reflect, share and celebrate together in preparation for World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal. It officially kicked off on July 22 with nearly 2,000 young pilgrims from more than 80 countries. Pope Francis’s message to them was to “truly believe and become what you are: ‘A future full of hope’”. The week provided an impetus to get involved through lives of service committed to “creating a hope-filled future” – one of the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus.

Jesuits from around the globe joined these young pilgrims in a spirit of support and accompaniment.


USA East Jesuits at MAGIS 2023: Fr. James Martin, SJ, Fr. Patrick Rogers, SJ, Fr. Sean Haggerty, SJ, Fr. Danny Gustafson, SJ, Tom Elitz, SJ, and David Said, SJ.
USA East Jesuits moments before Mass with Pope Francis on World Youth Day: Fr. Danny Gustafson, SJ, Fr. Sean Hagerty, SJ, Fr. Ricardo da Silva, SJ (Southern Africa Province), and Fr. Patrick Rogers, SJ.