Rev. Bruce T. Morrill, SJ
Week 3 - Dec. 15, 2014
Entered -- August 1982   
Took Vows -- August 1984   
Ordained -- June 1992

Fr. Morrill is a recognized theologian and professor at Vanderbilt University Divinity School.
I thoroughly love being a theologian. To reach middle age in a "job" that is a genuine vocation is an immense blessing. Whereas earlier, academic writing was anxiety provoking, a few years ago I became aware of how quietly the work had become less stressful and, all the more wonderfully, prayerful. I have come to realize that in this season of life my creative, artistic "side" comes through my writing. The joy is augmented on occasions when, by one means or another, I receive words of thanks or affirmation for something I've published. In mutual relation to my scholarship, I love teaching and mentoring students at all levels. Again, time with them is the stuff of prayer-before, during and after, as I make my Examen walking the two miles to and from school or cleaning up my kitchen after hosting a group for dinner.
Now in my fourth year in Nashville ("the lone Jesuit in Tennessee," as locals acclaim me) I marvel at how I've become, as one scientist-friend puts it, a "catalyst," someone bringing together people of various ages, backgrounds, occupations, and denominations to share faith and friendship. When spending time with groups and individual men in Riverbend Maximum Security Prison, I marvel in moments of realization that there's nowhere else I'd rather be. In the prison, where the Gospel rings so true (because so desperately desired), I am humbled to preside and preach at Eucharistic liturgies. No less consoling, albeit different, is my doing likewise most weekends at the Cathedral of the Incarnation.
Through all of these ministries, I have come to know Jesus and am grateful.

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