Br. Robert L. Carson, SJ

Week 8 - January 19, 2015
Entered -- February 1965
Took Vows -- February 1967
Final Vows -- May 1981
Br. Carson is a teacher and student counselor at St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia and also serves as a permanent deacon in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
Fifty years ago, before I entered the Society of Jesus at Wernersville, PA, there was never any exposure of Jesuit presence in my hometown of Trenton, NJ, except for the Novena of Grace Missions that were offered in my parish. Through my Guidance Director, Msgr. Thomas Coffey, who journeyed with me, I encountered the Society of Jesus. Ever since I walked through the doors of St. Isaac Jogues Novitiate as a postulant, I have never had any regrets, but have only been filled with many gifts and talents that the Society of Jesus has allowed me to develop either through spiritual formation or education to strengthen and enhance my apostolic missions as a Jesuit Brother.
I have been truly blessed to work in many apostolates, but mainly it has been in the field of education where I have spent most of my time either as Administrator and Director of Guidance at Wildwood Catholic High School in New Jersey or as Department Chair for the Fine Arts Departments at Saint Joseph's Prep and Georgetown Prep, and now presently, working in the Counseling Department and as Moderator of the football and lacrosse teams at St. Joseph's Prep. For several years in between the school apostolates, I spent working with Hispanic youth in the Archdioceses of Philadelphia after spending a year in the Dominican Republic.
One of greatest gifts I have been blessed with was being called to become a permanent deacon at a parish where I served, Our Lady Star of the Sea in Cape May. After ordination, I felt privileged to work with God's people, not in a different way, but an added spiritual dimension that I wasn't expecting in my vocation as a brother. The call from the community itself was gift. Through these many apostolates I have journeyed with my Jesuit brothers and lay colleagues and learned how to search for God's grace and love for his people that the Society has placed in my path.
The Jesuit Brother is a grace-filled vocation with many blessings and gifts that are strengthened through the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius and the love of the Trinity.

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