Rev. William R. Campbell, SJ
Week 28– June 8, 2015

Entered -- August 1988
Took Vows -- August 1990

Ordained -- June 2013

Fr. Campbell's work stretches over many of the educational apostolates of the Society of Jesus, from pre-secondary to secondary education. He is the outgoing President of Cheverus High School and is transitioning into higher education as the Vice President for Mission at the College of the Holy Cross.

What makes me happy to be a religious today?

I first met the Jesuits while I was a student at the College of the Holy Cross, and, truth be told, I fell in love with them...with the Jesuits who were my teachers, the Jesuits who presided at mass, the Jesuits who listened to me on retreat, the Jesuits who prayed the rosary quietly by the chapel, the Jesuits who stopped me on campus and asked about my day - the Jesuits who by their words and deeds invited me to reflect upon my relationship with God.

I started daydreaming about myself among them, and I became aware of the spiritual consolation that filled me. Eventually, I yielded to this consolation - willingly, nervously, hopefully - and applied to join their ranks.

Of course, "their ranks" represents a global mission of diverse means and ways, and my Jesuit life has reflected this reality. I've taught philosophy to seminarians in Jamaica and English to novices in Nepal. I've directed retreats to nuns in India and to Jesuits New Jersey. I've preached homilies in Maine, Massachusetts and Montana. I've served schools as an administrator, teacher and campus minister. My first wedding? My father's to my step-mother. My first baptism? The son of my high school buddy. My first confirmation? One of my students. My first funeral? My college roommate.

Each of these special places, each of these privileged moments, has invited me to reflect upon my relationship with God - the same invitation I was offered by the Jesuits I first experienced thirty years ago. Ultimately, it is this relationship with God, nourished within a community of men and their lay colleagues who share a desire to accompany others to know God through a variety of ways, which brings joy to my day.

Rev. Charles A. Frederico, SJ
Br. Christopher Derby, SJ
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Mr. Vincent J. Marchionni, SJ
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Rev. Joseph G. Marina, SJ

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