Mr. Kevin C. Hughes, SJ
Week 49  – November 2, 2015
Entered -- August 2008
Took Vows -- August 2010
Mr. Hughes is currently in his second year of Regency, teaching high school science and mathematics at McQuaid Jesuit in Rochester, New York.

"What makes me happy to be a religious today?"

Interacting with the students, faculty, and other Jesuits in Rochester gives me joy. I really enjoy teaching and working at McQuaid High School, and I find that many meaningful conversations happen outside of the class setting. Spending time with other Jesuits and discussing recent movies or playing board and card games after dinner, talking with students after class about current issues that interest them, or music that they are in to, or video games that they play, or going out with colleagues to get lunch or coffee; these are the things that give me joy on a daily basis.

One example would be my recent experience of chaperoning students to Philadelphia. St. Joseph's Prep hosted about 40 Jesuit high schools from across North and Latin America and it was great to see so many young people actively participating in the sacraments and discussing topics, issues, and concerns they have about their faith. It was wonderful, and very life giving and affirming, to see hundreds of young people gathered in Philadelphia at SJP with one goal in mind: to see and hear Pope Francis. I can feel discouraged when it seems like high school students are only concerned with the number of likes and follows they receive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, seeing the approximately 450 people (mostly students) gathered at SJP made me realize that questions of faith, justice, and equality are on their minds. It was very heartening to see that the issues that are important to me are also important to the students that I teach.

Walking with people as they experience God gives me great joy and helps me to better understand who God is.

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