The 2019 Jesuit Gala

In 1548, ten members of the then recently founded Society of Jesus opened the first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily. The school was modeled on Renaissance and humanist traditions. St. Ignatius Loyola and his companions brought a depth of spirit drawn from their experience of the Spiritual Exercises: the firm conviction that all creation is good; all learning is good; and everything in the world can help us find and serve God and one another.

After nearly five centuries of experience, the Jesuit and Ignatian charism is especially resonant in our Jesuit high schools, where teaching is seen as a vocation, and where the same Ignatian ideals are recognizable beyond the boundaries of a single school campus, and, indeed, at Jesuit schools around the world.

The 2019 Jesuit GALA—set for April 9, 2019—recognizes the 10 Jesuit high schools of the USA Northeast Province, and the relentless efforts made by Jesuits and lay partners at these institutions to challenge young men and women to develop toward their human potential, instilling:

COMPETENCE, and an intellectual outlook that encourages students to see the hand of God in all things, which leads to a comfort with questioning and exploring within an expansive worldview;

COMPASSION, and a spirituality that fosters a relationship with Christ as a model for adult living; and

COURAGE, a restlessness to discern and do the magis—the more, the better—to go deeper, leading to a constant pursuit of excellence and leadership.

Please join Grace Cotter Regan and Fr. James Keenan, SJ at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston as they lead us in celebrating the contributions of the ten Jesuit high schools of the USA Northeast Province. Help sustain the Ignatian vision of these schools by supporting the Jesuits of the USA Northeast Province.

GRACE COTTER REGAN was former Executive Director of Advancement for the New England Province, past Head of School for Saint Mary's Preparatory School of Lynn, Mass., and is the current President of Boston College High School.  

FR. JAMES KEENAN, SJ, has served lengthy tenures as President of Xavier High School, McQuaid Jesuit High School, Canisius High School, Saint Peter’s Preparatory School and the New York City Nativity Schools.  

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