Leading the Way at the 2015 Jesuit GALA

Three married couples and Jesuit supporters are leading the way for this year’s Jesuit GALA. Their dedication to the Jesuits has deep roots.

Many people support the Jesuits in the company of their friends, classmates or parishioners and wish to help the Society carry out its mission.

But this year’s Jesuit GALA co-chairs – Lisa and Jim Mooney, Jackie and Bill Egan and Gloria and Chuck Clough – are proving that strong support can also come in the form of a husband and wife team.

Lisa and Jim Mooney are driven to help others experience the impact of the Jesuits. Jim, a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and Georgetown, said, “My Jesuit education has had a profound effect on every aspect of my life. The way I engage with the world – whether with my family, in my career or through philanthropy – is built on a Jesuit foundation.”

Funds from the Jesuit GALA help defray the expenses of training men to become Jesuits and caring for senior and infirm Jesuits. The Mooneys see the value of providing this wide range of support, and as GALA co-chairs, they are encouraging others to sustain the mission of the Jesuits.

“The Jesuits have a profoundly positive impact through their work and are incredible ambassadors for the Church, a role that is extraordinarily valuable in today’s world,” Jim said. 

Jackie and Bill Egan are struck by the ways Jesuit priests and brothers have continually engaged people on spiritual, emotional and intellectual levels.

“Anytime I spend time with the Jesuits, I always come away feeling fortunate that I was able to be educated by them,” Bill said. “They are truly a unique group of people.” Bill, a Fairfield University graduate, recalled three influential professors – Fr. Al Reidy, SJ, Fr. Victor Lieber, SJ, and Ms. Joan Walters – who he and his wife honored with endowed scholarships at Fairfield.

“To me, supporting the Society is a simple thing to understand. Our support provides resources so that Jesuits can continue to educate and continue to have missions and outreach to those in need. The GALA, in particular, helps care for older Jesuits at places like Campion Health Center. The best way to help the Jesuits to continue their work is to complete the circle by giving back.”

Gloria and Chuck Clough are Jesuit graduates whose lives were shaped by their experiences at Boston College and Weston Jesuit School of Theology. During Chuck’s sophomore year at BC, he was able to realize the innumerable opportunities the school offered him. “I was a late bloomer and woke up one day to realize BC was terribly important to me. Once I got serious, I understood that the institution provided everything I could possibly want as a person.”

For Chuck and Gloria, giving back to the Jesuits is a natural way to help others to similarly enrich their lives. “Gloria and I believe in caring for the institutions that nurtured us, and there have been just numerous Jesuits who have shaped our lives,” Chuck said.

“The Jesuit GALA gives you a visual of how many lives the Jesuits have really touched. Filling a vast room like we will in April gives you an insight into how truly important the Jesuits are.”

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