63 Reasons to be Grateful

The 63 priests, brothers, and scholastics in formation from the East Coast are a modern-day reflection of St. Ignatius Loyola and his early companions.

These first Jesuits were filled with the Spirit, and their lives continue to inspire and guide our contemporary companions in formation. Rooted in the Gospel mandate to serve Christ in His mission of justice, peace, and reconciliation, the East Coast Jesuits in formation are among many others in the United States and Canada who are preparing to continue Ignatius’ legacy of service as companions of Jesus:

  • they live in community and deepen their commitment through immersive experiences in other cultures;
  • they teach and serve in Jesuit schools, receiving intensive studies and advanced degrees in philosophy and theology; and,
  • they strengthen their faith and grow closer to God as they prepare for permanent service as ordained priests or formed religious Brothers.

Their desires to serve Christ and His Church are strong, and the commitment of the Jesuit province to their formation is unwavering. Still, we cannot do this without your help.

If you are inspired by these young Jesuits, please consider making a gift today to help with formation expenses, which, on average, annually extend to $50,000 per Jesuit.

Your contributions will directly assist this most important part of our work and help ensure the Jesuit mission in parishes, schools, retreat centers and other ministries throughout our region and internationally.

Thank you. Your gift will allow us – together – to do God’s work each day.  

Eastern Point Retreat House
Eastern Point Retreat House, a grand house located on the Atlantic shore in Gloucester, Mass., has been welcoming retreatants since 1958.