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News Story

Dear Friends,

Child of Bethlehem, grant that we may share with all our hearts
in this profound mystery of Christmas.
– Pope St. John XXIII

As we approach this sacred season, we are drawn once more to the mystery of Christmas. We ponder the profound implications of God’s will to enter the world as a vulnerable infant, born in a stable to a poor young woman and her new husband. This act of divine humility, this descent into human fragility, is the deepest expression of love and accompaniment.

As we contemplate the Nativity of our Lord, we are reminded of the values and principles that guide our Jesuit mission. We are called to embrace the Magis, the “more,” and to seek the greater good in all that we do. The mystery of Christmas reminds us that this “more” is found in selfless love, in the service of others, and in the pursuit of justice and reconciliation.

In order to keep this mission alive, we rely on partners-in-mission like you to help fund our many ministries, support our men in formation, and care for our senior and infirm Jesuits.

The mystery of Christmas carries a timeless message—to bring the light of Christ into a world often shrouded in darkness. This has always been the call of the Jesuits. We are grateful for your continued support in our efforts to bring that light to all we serve, here on the East Coast and beyond.

May the peace of Christ, and the loving mystery of His incarnation, give you hope this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Joseph M. O’Keefe, SJ