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Our Work

Jesuits dedicate their lives to helping others, but after decades of service many priests and brothers require special medical attention and compassion to accompany them through their later years.

Campion Health Center, in Weston, Mass., Colombiere Jesuit Community in Baltimore, Md., Manresa Hall in Philadelphia, Pa., and Murray-Weigel Hall, in the Bronx, N.Y., are the Jesuit health care communities of the USA East Province. These centers offer skilled nursing and assisted living options with doctors, nurses and therapists who provide the highest levels of care. Jesuits in residence continue to pray for the Church and many are active in ministry.

A significant dimension of the high quality care available to Jesuits at these health care centers is the spiritual direction and counseling provided by brother Jesuits, staff members and visiting priests.

In addition, those with whom and to whom Jesuits have ministered are frequent visitors to these health care centers, often bringing with them fond memories and warm friendships.

Jesuits seek to embody for one another and for their care partners the deepest desire of the human heart union with God. By their patience and gratitude, they show that “they accept the sickness as a gift from the hand of our Creator and Lord, since it is a gift no less than is health.” [Constitution 272]