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Become a Jesuit

For almost 500 years, Jesuit priests and brothers have lived an amazing story of serving the Church in new and unexpected ways. Now serving in 112 nations on six continents, Jesuits number about 16,000 priests, brothers and seminarians worldwide. Jesuits work in a wide variety of roles including teacher, doctor, poet, lawyer, social worker, writer, administrator, professor, pastor, scientist and artist. Jesuits also engage in missionary work, direct evangelization to the poor, social justice activities, interreligious dialogue and other ministries. Most importantly, Jesuits continue the tradition of providing Christian retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises – the foundational writing of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

In all places, in all ministries, Jesuit priests and brothers strive to be “men for others.”

Pope Francis offers a blessing in St. Peter’s Square.

“Have you sometimes heard the voice of the Lord which through a desire, a certain restlessness, invites you to follow him more closely? Have you had any desire to be apostles of Jesus?”

  • If you want more information – or may even want to begin a serious conversation about applying – visit and complete the inquiry form. A Jesuit from our vocation team will get back to you promptly.

In the meantime, know that our prayers are with you as you continue to discern God’s plan for your life.

Is the Society of Jesus right for you?
The Jesuits invite you to pray and reflect on what you have read about the Society of Jesus. Some helpful questions for your reflection might be:

  • Where do your desires and passion lead you?
  • What gifts do you possess that might be of benefit to the aid of God’s people?
  • Are there any Gospel passages that motivate you to consider religious life?
  • Who are your heroes in the service of the Gospel?
  • How is God inviting you share your gifts as part of Christ’s mission?
  • Could you support the service of faith and the promotion of justice in the Church?
  • Which aspects of Jesuit life excite you with possibility?
  • When would be the best time to contact a Jesuit about your desires?
  • Is the Society of Jesus Right for You?
Here are some ways you can learn more about the Society of Jesus, Ignatian spirituality, and the Jesuit vocation:
  • Visit for more detail about a Jesuit vocation. 
  • Speak with a Jesuit brother or priest in your area.
  • Contact a Vocation Director
  • Make an Ignatian retreat at one of the many Jesuit retreat centers around the nation or ask a Jesuit Vocation Director or Promoter about discernment retreats being offered.
  • Attend informal meetings publicized in province and alumni bulletins.
  • Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and share your journey