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News Story

September 13, 2023 – The USA East Province of the Society of Jesus has announced a matching $2 million per year contribution over the next five years with Georgetown University to benefit the Descendants Truth and Reconciliation Foundation. The Trust of the Foundation was created to support the educational aspirations of the Descendants who were enslaved by the Jesuits and Georgetown University. The Trust is also an investment to promote truth, racial healing and reconciliation in communities and organizations throughout America and to support elderly and infirm Descendants.

This $10 million commitment over 5 years that matches Georgetown University is in addition to the $3 million the USA East Province contributed when the Trust was created in 2021. Another $7 million was contributed earlier this year based on the value of province land near Washington, DC, where some of the Descendants’ ancestors were enslaved. The province is working closely with the Archdiocese of Washington, the Maryland Catholic Conference, and the Descendants in Bowie, MD, to make sure this land remains sacred. These contributions, in partnership with the commitment of Georgetown University and the other Jesuit provinces of the United States, brings the current contribution to the Descendants Trust to $42 million.

Jesuits USA East remains deeply devoted to our partnership with the Descendant community and to working together for racial reconciliation and healing in this country. We are dedicated to the long-term vision of healing the scars of slavery by pursuing hope and advancing our tireless goal for social justice.