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About Us

Fr. John Hanwell, SJ
Fr. John Swope, SJ
Apostolic Planning
Province Operations
Fr. Philip Florio, SJ
Vlad Kuznetsov
Health Care
Fr. Brendan Lally, SJ
Senior Jesuits 

Fr. Richard McGowan, SJ

Fr. Michael Tunney, SJ
Higher Education
Nicholas Napolitano
Justice and Ecology
Fr. Mario M. Powell, SJ
Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education
Fr. Thomas Benz, SJ
 International Ministries
Assistant for Safeguarding

Fr. James Casciotti, SJ
     Pastoral Ministries

Br. Christopher Derby, SJ
Spirituality Ministries
Fr. John Wronski, SJ
Loual Puliafito
Michael Gabriele

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